(1) flowers have any good?

Flowers with its gorgeous elegant demeanour, the nature is decorated particularly beautiful, give a person the enjoyment with the United States. Flowers, can enrich and regulate people's cultural life, add fun, edify disposition, improve health. Can also increase the scientific knowledge, improve the cultural and artistic accomplishment. Flowers, can beautify the motherland, and protect and improve the, purify air, so that people can be in a beautiful environment, work and study, life more beautiful. Flowers, not only for viewing, and there are many important economic value. Flowers in China is an important part of Chinese herbal medicine, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, wintersweet, lotus, cuckoo, Chinese rose, lotus are the commonly used Chinese herbal medicine. Fragrant flower in food, light industry, etc is very wide use,

(2) how to judge whether the potted flower water shortage?

Watering flowers is a regular management work, whether basin soil water shortage is a more difficult to master, so many flowers friend often feel misery. Now the flowers expert judge whether water experience introduction is as follows. (1) knock method. Finger joint position gently light striking flowerpot on the central basin wall, such as a more ringing voice, said basin soil already dry, need immediate water; If a depressing dullness, said basin soil moisture, can temporarily not watering. (2) the visual method. With the eyes look basin soil surface for changes in color, such as color shallow or tan-white, said basin soil already dry, need watering; If color darker or Browning, said basin soil is wet can temporarily not watering. (3) refers to the method. Finger gently insert basin soil about 2 cm deep touch once the soil,

(3) watering the flowers with what kind of water?

According to the water containing salt condition can be divided into solid water and rainwater. Hard water containing salt is more, use it to water the flowers, often makes flowers foliage produce brown spot, affects the ornamental effect, so water the flowers water to water softening advisable. In the soft water and rain (or snow) the most ideal, because the rain is a kind of close to neutral water, do not contain minerals, and have more air to water the flowers very appropriate. If you can pick up in rainy day storage of rainwater for watering the flowers, beneficial to flowers assimilation, prolonged culture life, improve the ornamental value, especially sexual xi acid soil flowers, more like the rain. So the rainy season should be more than water storage some rain continue to employ. In China all over the northeast,

(4) the potted flower water quantity should be how to master?

Potted flower watering a quantity to whether can achieve timely right amount, it is a key of success or failure in flowers. Comprehensive experience in various places, potted flower watering quantity is according to the kinds of flowers, plant size, growth period, climate and soil conditions, flower pot size, place and other aspects of the comprehensive judgment, to determine water time, frequency and quantity of water. Normally, hygrophilous flowers should be watered, like drought flowers should be few water; Bulb kind flowers watered cannot too much, Herbaceous flowers big water content, degree of transpiration and water quantity, more than woody flower; Leaf big and soft, smooth and glabrous flowers more water, leaves small and waxy layer, seta, leather qualitative flowers less water; Growth WangChengQi more water, rest period less water; Miao big basin much less water, miao small basin big less water; Day more than hot water, the day is cold water less;